Grande Offshore Wrap-up Report

Today after a couple of days of very little bluefin sign in our zone, we found good sign of medium grade fish and decided to dedicate the day to them, landing 3. We are excited to get back on them tomorrow!

Bluefin Tuna

It’s essential to have the proper gear for these fish and we recommend: 25-30 pound outfit with flurocarbon for finesse fishing the smaller bluefin, and can be used for yellowtail. 40-60 pound setup with a 2 speed reel to flyline a bait with a 2/0-3/0 circle hook tied onto a matching test flurocarbon leader. 80-130 pound outfit with a 2 speed reel to fish heavy jigs like a 175-300 gram Daiwa SK jig or Flat Fall jig tied onto to matching test flurocarbon. Various sized torpedo sinkers and rubber bands.

 We are a definite go tomorrow with lots of open space!

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