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12/15/19 2:36 PM

Coral Sea Sportfishing

Our 1/2 day trip Monday needs a few more reservations to go. It’s a great time to get out. 

Call sea landing at 805-963-3564 or book online at

12/15/19 3:15 PM

Marina del Ray Sportfishing

Marina Del Rey Sportfishing calling in today's wrap-up report. They had 3 trip returns today, catching a combined total of: 207 Whitefish, 75 Rockfish, 27 Sheephead, and 25 Sculpin.

Trips go daily, including twilight trips & lobster trips!

Call 310-822-3625 for reservations.

12/15/19 4:09 PM

Spitfire 2 from Marina Del Rey Sportfishing has two spots open for lobster tomorrow night. We leave at 3:30 and get back to the dock around 10:30. They are crawling!!


Call  818-585-1959 for information and reservations.

12/15/19 6:53 PM

H&M Landing

Ollie is live from H&M Landing with updates and the latest info on their upcoming trips. They had 2 trips return with a combined total of: 32 Lobster (185 released).

They have a variety of trips going daily!

Call 619-222-1144 for all trip information or Book Online Here.